COVID-19 Sanitation Services From Florida Clean

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses and homeowners throughout Florida. Small businesses may have been hurt more than larger corporations. In fact, 80% of small business owners say that the pandemic has hurt their businesses.

While the global pandemic creates serious problems for Florida, COVID-19 sanitation services could make your business and or home safer and more appealing to customers and guests. Florida Clean Power Washing has added COVID-19 sanitation services to help our community thrive while keeping the virus under control. Times are difficult, but we can help!

The Right COVID-19 Sanitation Options for Your Florida Business

We have trained our team members to provide COVID-19 sanitation services for a wide range of industries. The options that work for you will depend on the kind of business you operate. A retail store, for example, has different needs than a restaurant.

Interior COVID-19 Sanitation

Our professional cleaning equipment can clean a variety of interior surfaces, including tile, metal, and glass. We start with soap and water that removes dirt and reduces the number of germs living on floors, tables, windows, display cases, and other surfaces.

After cleaning your interior with soap and water, our team uses a disinfectant that kills any remaining germs. We aim to give you a virus-free environment where everyone feels safe.

Exterior COVID-19 Sanitation

Exterior cleaning can also help protect employees, customers, and guests from COVID-19. For instance, a deep cleaning that targets your doors creates germ-free surfaces. If you have shopping carts, we can clean them to kill germs. General exterior cleaning can also help reduce any germs living outdoors.

We don’t know how long the virus can live outside of the human body, so we take care to eliminate possibilities by cleaning your building and home's exterior.

Who Needs COVID-19 Sanitation?

Open House Sanitization

Are you a Real Estate agent hosting an Open House looking for a sanitizing service? Look no further! Here at Florida Clean, we know how much traffic an Open House can bring in and out of a home. With our sanitization services, our goal is to not only protect you but, to also protect those coming in and out of the home and the new homeowners.

Leave the sanitizing to us and you can feel a sense of relief knowing that Florida Clean cares about you and your customer's health and safety. Call us today and get back to what you do best!


Whether you are selling or leasing an apartment or just looking to have it cleaned. Let us help you sanitize the location so that you and your tenants can feel a sense of comfort during the pandemic! Here at Florida Clean your health and safety are important to us and our professional services and trained team will prove just that! 

New Home Owner/Buyer

We know the stress of buying or building a new home! People are in and out of your new home constantly. Contractors, Inspectors, etc. are in your home all the time during this process. But no worries, Florida Clean can come and sanitize your home before move-in day! We can disinfect any and all surfaces of your home to guarantee you and your family a safe and clean new living environment! Let us take the weight off of your shoulders and come and sanitize your home for you so you can focus on all the excitement of moving into your new home!! Sit back and relax and let Florida Clean do the job!

We hear from a wide range of businesses that want sanitation services that can kill coronavirus. Some industries that benefit from professional sanitation include:

  • Healthcare (doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, etc.).
  • Schools, daycare centers, and nurseries.
  • Restaurants.
  • Retail and grocery stores.
  • Transportation (cabs, buses, trains, boats, etc.).
  • Movie theaters.
  • Sports centers.
  • Hotels.
  • Manufacturing (production facilities, offices, etc.).
  • Fitness centers and gyms.
  • Theme parks and other attractions.   

Even some businesses that aren’t open to the public need sanitation services. If you don’t protect your employees, they could get very ill. That isn’t good for people or your business. You can’t reach your goals when your workers call in sick. And you can’t risk exposing other employees to someone who might have coronavirus.

Take the safe option and get your business’s interior and exterior cleaned by the professionals at Florida Clean Power Washing. Why take any unnecessary risks?

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At Florida Clean Power Washing, we believe that you deserve excellent COVID-19 sanitation at an affordable price. Please fill out our form to get a free COVID-19 sanitation quote. We’ll do everything in our power to help your business stay open and busy without spreading the virus.