Commercial Building Washing: More Vital than Ever

Customers judge your business by the service you provide, but they also consider the condition of your office, factory, or other commercial enterprises. If the exterior of your property looks untended, potential clients are less likely to use your service. And in this age of COVID-19, people are more concerned with cleanliness than ever before. To meet the public's expectations, you need to hire a commercial building cleaning company that understands sanitation in the age of the coronavirus. In Florida, that means using Florida Clean Power Washing.

Cleaning Services

Florida Clean offers power and soft washing that removes the toughest dirt, grime, and graffiti while protecting your building's siding and other exterior surfaces. Their experienced technicians can safely and thoroughly clean stone, brick, concrete, stucco, vinyl, terra cotta, and more.

Concrete Cleaning

Your concrete siding, walkways, and patios are areas that quickly acquire layers of dirt, oil, and general grime due to constant foot traffic and the hot and humid Florida weather. The Florida Clean team uses advanced technology to clean all your concrete surfaces, including benches and retaining walls.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof is a real worry since dirt and debris collects there and can cause water pooling or otherwise degrade the quality of your roofing. Florida Clean Power Washing uses an effective soft wash method that gets rid of harmful grime while protecting your roofing material.

COVID-19 Sanitation

The Florida Clean experts have mastered COVID-19 sanitation practices and can handle the cleaning needs of different industries. They can clean the interior and exterior of your business, using expert methods proven to reduce or eliminate the presence of the coronavirus. This service reassures your customers and allows them to use your services without fear.

Florida Clean Power Washing

Florida Clean Power Washing offers you a free, no-obligation estimate. Simply visit their website and fill in some basic information or call 904-834-5519. Your commercial property will look great and attract more business after a thorough cleaning, especially in this age of COVID-19. Set up your appointment today!