The roof serves as a prominent structural feature in commercial establishments. Unfortunately, its inaccessibility leads to many business owners neglecting routine roof maintenance. DIY methods fail to get the job done and may result in further damage to delicate parts. Over time, neglected roofs may contain build-ups of environmental contaminants and impurities that slowly degrade their surface, causing safety hazards for occupants and visitors.


Well-maintained roofs enhance the curb appeal of a building and reduce the need for costly repairs and replacements, which may take a toll on business operations. Additionally, a spotless roof creates a winning impression on customers, resulting in a favorable perception of the brand. Polished roofs provide owners with overall improved satisfaction in running their business properties.


By hiring a professional cleaning company like Florida Clean Power Washing, business owners can extend the life of their roofs and keep them looking sparkly clean all year long.


Why Hire Florida Clean Power Washing?


Florida Clean Power Washing uses the latest advances in pressure washing technology to provide the deepest clean, eliminating the most stubborn stains and dirt found along the surface of the roof. Additionally, we only settle for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to provide your roofs with the best treatment without adverse side effects.


Our cleaning specialists apply controlled soft washing techniques to remove the leading “culprits” in long-term roof damage, such as lichens, mildew, algae, and gloeocapsa magma (the bacteria responsible for unsightly black streaks). We will also ensure gutters remain unclogged by leaves and twigs, and other debris that causes leaky and rotting roofs.


We manage every Florida Clean Power Washing session with certified, insured, and bonded technicians who ensure optimal and lasting results. Each member of the Florida Clean team offers a keen eye for detail, providing the quickest and most effective cleaning measures according to specific roof structures. We will identify the earliest signs of blistering, splitting, rusting (in the case of metal materials), and other roof blemishes to help avoid further deterioration.


Florida Clean Power Washing is the premier roof washing specialist that will provide the perfect finishing touches for your business property.